Unscripted #3

We have been in a season of transitions lately. There are so many good and bad things that come from transitions. There are some growing pains, some grieving, and some uncertainty. But ultimately, God is able to bring joy throughout all of this. He is able to bless us in amazing ways. He shows up in the places you would never expect and surprises you.

I was thinking tonight about how over the past six months I have worked more than I have since October 2014 and then I realized–wow, that was four years ago! In some ways it feels as if the last four years have flown by. I really embraced that season that God had set out for me. I have been so present as a wife, mom, and nurturer of my family. Man has he blessed it. I am so grateful.

I heard a great thing today about embracing the season that you are in, even if it is one of those transition seasons or even a dessert season. When we embrace those seasons we are able to have joy through the pain we might feel over the changes. The thing is that there is SO MUCH joy out there. Daily there are so many opportunities we have to bless others around us and to share joy with them.

Earlier this week I was talking to woman who recently started coming to our church and she asked me about an upcoming event I am hosting. She told me she was coming and asked what she needed to bring and if she needed to get a book to be able to participate. When I said, “No, you don’t need to bring anything, just yourself.” She seemed to shocked, surprised, and elated. She wouldn’t have to buy another book to do another thing. She wouldn’t have to prepare a meal to take part.

I think that is a lot like Jesus. So often we think that we need to get this, do that, or prepare this thing to come to him. All the while he says, “No, bring nothing, just yourself.” NOTHING. We have nothing to offer Jesus besides ourselves. Once we are his, we can come in prayer with nothing also. We no longer have to bring sacrifices to the altar. He just wants us. Don’t waist time thinking about all the things you have to do to serve God’s kingdom and forget that just BELIEVING in Jesus, BEING a believer is enough for his kingdom. Sometimes we just need to ABIDE in him and let the wonderful things happen instead of trying to busily go about our day striving for more.

Choose joy today.

Choose to abide today.

Choose to embrace today.

Believe that God is enough today.

Pray that God will use you today.




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