We all need a friend who…

I have been thinking lately about how much of a gift it is, to have friends who just GET IT. When you call and need to vent, they don’t get frustrated, they listen, and you feel heard. You know the one! We all need one, and for years, I thought a friend like this was actually like a unicorn, something I would never find in real life. Then I found mine. I talk more about that here.
We all need a friend who…
Checks on us, even when life isn’t going well, because they aren’t just focused on themselves.
Listens, even when you are moaning and complaining because they know they will have a similar day when they need to let out the frustration.
Calls, not for any specific reason, but because they want to catch up and talk about random things like will we ever finish that craft project, what sort of non-dairy creamer are you drinking right now, did you ever finish that book you started last year, did you have snack plates for dinner last night or actually turn on the stove?
Shares, what life is throwing at them. They share the hard stuff that is really difficult to talk about because it is so gut wrenching. They share how much they are hurting. They share how defeated they feel. They share how sad they are. They share how angry they are. They share how depressed they are. They share because they know someday you might go through something similar and all this hard stuff might be of use someday to you. They share because they want it to be a two way street. They know needing each other is a good thing, not a bad one.
Talks, through the hard stuff, through the sad stuff, through the decision making, through the kids growing up and doing adultish things, through losing loved ones, through the newness of a newborn, through the medical emergencies, through all the things that matter when you least expect it.
We all need these friends because life is so much richer with them by our side. Protect them fiercely, love them loyally, and care for them tenderly.
Message a friend today who is important to you and let them know.

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