Canada Dry

Today we started out a lovely day with family, friends and a day planned full of swimming and a picnic. The kids had a blast, diving for toys, splashing and jumping and eating a picnic lunch. As we get home, I’m cleaning and unpacking the cooler and bags and I pick up some things to put back in the fridge including a can of Canada Dry. As I am reaching into the fridge, the can drops….the best word to describe what happened next is: sprinkler. I have never had a can bust like that! On top of busting it also took a full on spin across my kitchen floor. So, as you can imagine me and my kitchen had a lovely ginger ale shower after we got back from the pool!!! The sad thing was, when my husband walked in while on the phone to see what happened, he just laughed and walked away. You can be sure he got a little bit of a glare and some fresh words sent his way when he got off the phone.
The rest of the day consisted of being stuck in a traffic jam on the freeway after I chose to “take the faster way across town”, driving and calling all over Springfield for an inner-tube for our float trip Sunday, a phone call with each sister, buying the worst potato salad I have ever had from the deli, and almost being ran off the road by a guy on my way home with “gotcha” written on this back glass. Oh, and even though I’m already rocking this summer tan AND I wore sunscreen, I came home with a sunburn. Just a regular day in the life of worst case scenario girl!
Better to laugh at yourself before anyone else can find the humor!

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