The green shoes that nearly did me in and the whisper that turned this sinking ship around

I have realized something this week that I never fully realized before. ALL THREE OF MY CHILDREN ARE STRONG WILLED. What. Is. Happening. They each have different degrees of strong willed sprits, but this past week I learned that they were so much stronger than I ever thought. It all started with the hunt for [...]

These Things Happen

When left to my own devices, I usually can be quite entertaining. Not on purpose, usually on accident. But, when Derick has to go out of town...especially when he has work trips that are 14+ days, you can be sure that I have a full list of dumb, funny stuff I have done while he [...]

Canada Dry

Today we started out a lovely day with family, friends and a day planned full of swimming and a picnic. The kids had a blast, diving for toys, splashing and jumping and eating a picnic lunch. As we get home, I'm cleaning and unpacking the cooler and bags and I pick up some things to [...]