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This word really jumped off the page at me this morning. I always pray over what you all need to hear and what I myself need to get out of God’s word, so today let’s check our motives. See, I never looked at the context of the word MOTIVE as a word associated with me. I thought that was for murderers and criminals. But our motive has EVERYTHING to do with us, every day. The definition of motive is: a reason for doing something. That’s very black and white isn’t it? What really tugged at my heart was when Jennie talked about this in Chapter 13.

And like all bondage, my quest for my dad’s approval turned into pleasing anyone I could. And eventually I found myself in complete bondage. I was not free. I was motivated, but the motive of my heart, the song I sang in my head, my thoughts, the way I interacted with people, what I thought about when I woke and when I lay down, was all about trying to please people around me. I was completely chained up.

How we do one thing is how we do everything. That’s it, that is the way it works. I never thought I had motives because again I thought those were for criminals…but today I know that I do. I have motives for everything I do. All the ways Jennie listed–behind those is something that motivates me. And what motivates me in all that I do needs to be God the Father. Here was the even bigger clincher. I really started digging into verse 17 For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God? It starts with us, it starts with our faith in him and how we used that faith, the spirit and our love for God this short time we are here for his glory. I don’t want to stand at the feet of God someday and if he were to ask, which he just might– what my MOTIVE was when I did xyz; I don’t want an empty answer. I want to answer with gusto that it was for him, it was all for him. I know that I will mess up, and have moments where it wont be–but I know he will forgive me as I go, as long and my motive is to do all for his glory. Our time here is short friends, the judgement will begin with God’s household which is US! We should be living every day, every minute surrendered and full out for him!



Lets talk: What are the motives of your heart?

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