Quilt your Life

The past few weeks it has been so foggy here in 417land and for some reason when it is really foggy or rainy and I am in the car--I usually get my best thoughts from God. This is one of them. Quilt your Life. As in the blanket. You see, I grew up with a [...]

Be Like Fern

This may be the most important blog I ever write about moms. I have had so many of these thoughts running through my mind for months and a lot of what I have to share rooted back in a post called Togetherness. You know how sometimes in the movies how the filmmakers will do that [...]

Invisible God, Visible Faith

Over the past year I have had some rhythms of struggle in my life. They haven't been super visible. But there has been this underlying current of struggle, suffering, trials, and difficulty. Isn't that how it usually is in life? Most people don't know that we walk around trying to be ok after we were [...]