Clothes: Day 26

Today marks the final day of Clothes month!

I intend to celebrate by putting on some earrings, and buying one of the new 5 # Apparel shirts that support the Ozarks Food Harvest. They rolled them out last week at the farmer’s market but I had to create a wide swath to hold myself back from buying one early!

So how do I feel about this month ending? I feel a little glad, but mostly just thankful. I really don’t have any idea what it is truly like to go without the clothing I need. For that I am truly grateful. I am glad to be able to choose what I wear, but am also glad that my perspective is continuing to shift. I know I can’t label myself as: changed. Because from my experience it takes six months to a year to see true change. But I feel like I am on the right track to let God mold me in this area. I guess the biggest hurdle I have overcome is just the willingness to let him change me.

Most of my seven clothes are extremely worn as I guessed they would be. Gong in, I figured I would be sad that my things were worn. But now I just think how great a reminder of what I let go this month. I will cherish these clothes that comforted me, they listened to me when I was frustrated, they took on a little bit of the Spirit the last four weeks and humbled me daily. Here are my remaining seven clothes as promised. (At some point taking selfies in my bathroom of what I was wearing became zero priority level in my mind. I promise I wore them, but I just took these pictures in my bathroom today.)

I feel like some of the things Jen Hatmaker shared in the last part of the Clothes chapter in “7” shadow my thoughts.

I could live my real life on a fraction of my previous wardrobe, and nothing significant would be altered. In fact, the simplicity was a blessed relief.

In a culture that elevates beauty and style, the Christian community is at genuine risk for distraction, even deception. What do we truly admire in our leaders? Are we no different from the secular population, drawn to charisma and style above substance and integrity?

I want to belong to a Christian community known for a different kind of beauty, the kind that heals and inspires. I can’t help but remember Jesus, and how God made sure to mention He was plain and simple by human standards…maybe this is why the widow and marginalized and sick and outcast flocked to Him. He was approachable in every way…His humility appeals to the unloveliness in us all. We are drawn in by His simplicity, then transformed by His magnificence.

Jesus’ kingdom continues in the same manner it was launched; through humility, subversion, love, sacrifice; through calling empty religion to reform and behaving like we believe the meek will indeed inherit the earth.

Behave like we believe the meek will inherit the earth. Wow, those words shake me like an apple tree. I think I have realized that without a doubt I have to surrender my pride every day–till the day I die, so I can behave like I am no better than the brother or sister standing next to me. I have been treated with disdain before, what better reason to treat others with DIGNITY!? No matter whether they are wearing rags, or a Brooks Brothers shirt. IT DOES NOT MATTER.

I am walking away from this month refreshed and empowered to let God move in where he needs to. I am grateful that he put this project on my heart. No so I can be a poster child…bless…but so I can just be real and open with those around me about the race I am running.

I hope that this month has inspired you. I hope that it has empowered you. I hope that it has given you the nudge to make small changes in your life, and let God mold you like clay in to who he wants you to be. Thank you for reading friends!

**As I noted in a previous post I will take a two week break in between each “7 Month” For the next two weeks, I will share random things that have been on my heart. Including, a list of 10 ways you can tell your husband is out of town that was inspired by all the stupid, silly, hilarious stuff I did while Derick was working in Minnesota for 2 weeks!

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