The last week has truly been a test of faith for me and my family. I found out a week ago Sunday that my grandmother had been assaulted by another resident in her retirement home. In the first hours of knowing this information I thought to myself, “The place where she is, is a wonderful place. They will keep her safe and take care of this situation.” Then I found out that they had actually known for almost a month and had done nothing. There were a lot of uncertainties in the next few days, but in the end I hopped on a plane at a moments notice, without saying goodbye to Derick or the kids and spent a week in Massachusetts.

We decided as a family that the best thing would be for her to come to Missouri and live with me for the present time. This wasn’t anything I expected, or planned on. But it was what we had to do. Yesterday Derick told me he will probably be leaving for a two week work trip tomorrow. These things are overwhelming friends. These things are not easy. But what I have been thinking about is that over the past couple years God has given me some things that were more difficult than my current circumstance. Things that were harder. That were painful. That changed me. And I feel now that all of this was in preparation for what has happened in the now.

I truly feel like God has been over this entire situation–even though it has been difficult. So I want to count my blessings.

First, even though he fed Lyla coffee ice-cream the whole time I was gone (I can’t even.) I am so grateful for Derick and the way he handled all of this. He took care of EVERYTHING while I was gone. He was completely supportive even though I had to up and leave at a moments notice. And while we were gone, he MADE A BED FOR GRANDMA to have when she arrived. He also MADE A PIE FROM SCRATCH to have waiting for us when we arrived. He also PICKED FRESH FLOWERS and had them in a beautiful vase when we arrived. Be still my heart…this man, he never ceases to amaze me with his servant heart and his un-conditional love for me and my family.

Second, there were a thousand tiny random things that were so insignificant yet so crucial to making the past week not be a train wreck. First, I somehow managed to book a flight at 10 am out of Springfield for a 5 pm flight and the cost wasn’t actually as insane as what I thought it would be. Then, when I got to Boston I was actually able to rent a car with my debit card. If any of you have rented a car in the last five years you know that it is easier to buy a house than it is to rent a car, and they don’t let you rent them with a debit card. Bless that sweet man who did it for me. He also gave me a small SUV because they were out of small cars. I was some how able to make it safely from Boston to my aunt Elaine’s home in the burbs with no issues. (I have never driven in Boston–I didn’t even get lost!)

The list goes on and on, but ultimately our week was filled with grace upon grace and grandma is now safe in 417land. I am so grateful for the work that God can do, if you just put your trust in him.

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