Waiting in Quiet

I have been quiet for a while now friends. And the reasons are too many to list here. But today I had a thought, “Maybe others are hurting too. Maybe others feel like nothing they are feeling or going through matters. Maybe being quiet isn’t for the best.” These thoughts today were so different from what I have been feeling for the last few months. “No one needs to hear what is hurting you right now. None of your ideas are good enough to put into words. Anything you will say will be too negative.” All of these thoughts were so negative. And I shouldn’t have been thinking any of them. We all go through seasons where we feel drained. And I let my fear of not being ENOUGH keep me quiet from sharing with you all and being transparent and real with where I am at.

Today I also realized (for maybe the millionth time) there will NEVER be a better time! No time is better or worse than any other. You can either chose to do this or not. I was also reminded of why I started. These words, and this blog were never about me. It was to bring encouragement to others and to share God with the world in my own little way. This blog was for and about Him. Long story short…I got smacked over the head and face in the sand to remind me of what I should be doing, that I am enough–because he made me.

I love this quote by Jennie Allen:

“His presence is the only place where invisible weight is lifted. The only place where hidden, broken spaces are mended. The only place where we are defined apart from our successes and our failures.” 

Doesn’t that just warm your heart?! I have a feeling that God put all this on my heart today because some of you are hurting and feeling some heavy weight on your hearts right now. Are there broken places that you need to let God mend? Go to him friends. Go dig into his word, meditate and pray over what he is trying to do in your life right now. Are there changes…even microscopic changes that can be made like: no negative thoughts? Maybe he is trying to tell you to put yourself out there and be transparent even though you feel broken. Maybe he is telling you a sister needs to understand your hurt so she can work through hers as well.

Friends, these aren’t easy times right now. Every day there are horrible things happening around us. It is NOT shocking that we are hurting, tired and broken. We are living in a broken world.

Guess what happens when we wait in the quiet though? We aren’t sharing our hearts, we aren’t sharing our one and only hope: salvation. Our God sent his Son to come and give us the Savior and to take every single dumb thing we will ever do and forgive us ANYWAY! Imagine what all the lost people who don’t know Jesus are feeling right now? They are in a dark place, with no light shining on the pain they are feeling every day. We have to step out of our quiet humble places and speak truth, shine light and shout the word of salvation any and every time we can. We are serving no one by staying quiet. We are helping no one’s broken hearts by waiting on ONE DAY. Our world needs love, truth, grace, forgiveness, hope, healing and renewal. The only place all of those things are found is in the Gospel.

Let’s toss away the shackles that are keeping us quiet friends. Share your pain, be transparent and then share hope every day.


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