Favorite Things Gift List – 2016

If you are looking for something unique, hard to find or just can’t figure out what to get the biggest scrooge on your list…look no further!


1/ Wood & Marble coaster set from Freckled Hen Farmhouse

I love two tone, and wood and marble makes that happen. Basically FHF is the cutest shop you have ever seen! Anything they sell would make a perfect gift for someone on your list!

You can shop their store here.



2/ Laundry Soap from Handmade La Conner

I don’t really have time to make my own laundry soap, so this is my chemical free go-to. I love the glass containers and all of the scents smell amazing. (Sweet Citrus is my fav.)

You can shop their laundry products here.



3/ Mixture Candles

I love the size of these! Perfect for small spaces and buying in multiples. (My favorites are Watefire and Siberian Fir for Holidays.)

You can shop locally at Inspirational Home or online here.




4/ The Zeroll ice-cream scoop.

I own like 5 ice cream scoops and they are either broken or beat up and don’t really work. This is a classic and the only one you need.

You can buy them here.




5/ Food Swings- the newest cookbook from Jessica Seinfeld

Whether you are a healthy eater or a junk eater there is something in this cookbook for you. Jessica is a genius when it comes to “at home” food.

You can buy the cookbook, and view recipes online here.



6/ The Margaret Necklace from Amazima

This necklace will go with anything, and I am excited to wear it with my Agnes necklace I already own.

You can shop all of their fair trade jewelry here.




7/ Tea towels from White’s Mercantile

If I owned a store I would want it to be exactly like Whites Mercantile. They have so many amazing gifts if you are local in Nashville or Franklin. Tea towels are my favorite around Christmas time because they are thinner and easy to store away the rest of the year, but add a festive touch to the kitchen during the Holidays.

To order if you aren’t local call 1-615-750-5379.



8/ Seedlip non-alcoholic spirit

This is the coolest thing in the food/drink world I have seen in a long time. It sounds so refreshing and I can’t wait to get mine to try it! You can mix with tonics, waters, juice and other drinks! Something fun to have on hand for the Holidays or a perfect hostess gift.

You can buy online here.




9/ The Isabel beanie from Krochet Kids

I love all KK products, and they have so many cute hats and beanies right now! I love this one the best because it is thin, and reversible!

Locally you can find hats at Five Pound Apparel, or online here.




10/ Brave Earrings from Sseko

These are a classic! I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, so when I do I like to find something simple that I can wear for years to come.

You can shop Sseko jewelry here.



11/ Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps

I love me some crackers and chips! But it is so hard to find something with minimal ingredients that is also ok with my food allergies. I also like a really crunchy cracker, but not too crunchy. This is the perfect chip/cracker that can be the most amazing vessel for Holiday snacking.

You can order here or look for them at Whole Foods.




12/ Tew Studios Big Mug from Laurel Mercantile Co.

I love me some blue and white, and I am a sucker for big coffee mugs! This one meets all of my picky coffee mug qualifications!

You can shop for them here.




So there you have it!!!! My favorite things that I either want, have already bought myself for Christmas, or would happily give anyone on my list! Happy shopping friends, and happy Holidays!

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