The Flow

Over the years I have written about some pretty hard and deep things. Recently I have had a lot of talks with friends about something I think is so important to women's much so I decided to write an entire blog post about Flow. You know the Flow I'm talking about. This one is [...]

Unscripted #2

I am currently hiding in my office. Drinking coffee and listening to Lauren Daigle like its my full time job. Trying to keep my head above the piles of laundry, dishes, yard sale items, and avoiding attacks by the natives (the children). Derick and I are contemplating via text (he is in New Hampshire for [...]


Do you remember back at the beginning of summer when I had all the lofty goals of sharing so many things with you?! And then I dropped off the face of the earth. Ha! Yeah...about that! So there is a 100% chance this is being written from my cell phone. But I decided sharing something [...]


God has laid a stirring in my heart the past few weeks and I am going to attempt to express the way he has been working in me and the things he is pushing me towards, but I will be honest and say when I was writing, this story came out sort of backwards. So [...]