Unscripted #2

I am currently hiding in my office. Drinking coffee and listening to Lauren Daigle like its my full time job. Trying to keep my head above the piles of laundry, dishes, yard sale items, and avoiding attacks by the natives (the children).

Derick and I are contemplating via text (he is in New Hampshire for work until the 31st…we are on day eleven of this trip) selling all of our table wear and making a change to where each person has one cup, plate, bowl, and set of silverware. After they are used they have to be washed and put away by that person. I am not even kidding. That is how desperate we are.

We are on the edge of some big changes and decisions and have been trying to surrender, believe, and trust through this process. It has been soooo hard. In Lauren Daigle’s song Once and For All she says to “Lay it down, once and for all.” Yes, and amen.

Jesus already died on the cross for the hard thing you are facing today.

Today, God blessed us with an answer to a prayer we have been praying for over six months!! I praise him, because he is sooooo good! Today, satan is trying to steal my joy. He is trying to make the daily things of dishes, laundry, and raising tiny humans too much. But you know what? I call that lie out! It’s not too much. It’s the race God gave me.

I just wanted to come hide for a moment and tell you that whatever thing you are facing today, God is with you. He is for you. He is on your side. He is BIGGER than that thing. ALWAYS.

So surrender whatever it is to him, even if it is the dishes that are threatening to send you into a hair tangling whirlwind (maple syrup I’m talking to you) or if it is something much more deep, serious, and complex like a broken marriage. Whatever that thing is that you are facing today, surrender it to God ONCE AND FOR ALL and let him wash peace over you today in the strength that he is for you, and loves you always.





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