Why I Started

Recently I have been thinking about why I started this blog. This teensy tiny blog that had only a handful of followers has been a way for me to share things that were on my mind, things that I wanted to tell people–but didn’t really know how, things that I was struggling with, and wondered if maybe I could help someone else in those struggles by sharing.

But most of all, it all boils down to HOPE and BELIEF. You see, I was in a season of my life where I was just wandering around with no real direction for my life. I was learning sooo much, but I would just find myself in random places that I didn’t always belong (spiritually and emotionally.)  So I started looking intentionally for tools and resources to focus my life, to grow my BELIEF (faith in God,) and to find HOPE that there were other people out there feeling the same way. Many of you have shared that you did feel the same way–that motherhood felt pretty lonely.

The Lord really knows what he is doing, because he has put books, people, music, and podcasts in my path to grow my belief and increase my hope in so many ways over the last five years. He has truly blessed me and this little blog beyond measure (not because of the amount of followers.) I have been able to somehow channel what I have learned, to share with you all in a way that doesn’t come across as critisim, but can give you insight into things that I have learned. Sharing is caring after all! If I find something that helps me, I need to let that information/light shine, and share it all around.

So, that is what I have done. I haven’t always been successful. Some seasons I have just not felt up to it. Some seasons I really wanted to, but couldn’t find the words. But the last year, I have been so full of words, thoughts, and ideas…I wasn’t even really sure what to say or where to start. I didn’t know if I needed to just keep plugging away or to reign myself in because I can be a little too much at times. Sometimes my silence, as I have already told you in the past, is because things come up and I have to choose to put my family first. During certain seasons this has meant not sharing as much.

I decided to be full in when I can be, and share ALL THE THINGS when I am able. Being free means not being chained down by worry that people won’t like what you have to say, or they will feel it’s too much. Being free means that you keep sharing what is on your heart, even if it’s just meant for one person. As you know I had BIG PLANS for sharing all kinds of fun, new content with you this summer. But over the summer I have felt led to change the format of the blog a little bit, and do more simple, short, to the point posts. There will be more posts, but less content to make it easier for me to share with you. Think of it as more of a daily note or a weekly column if you will.

My goal is to have things be straight from the heart, because as I have already said, I have felt the words needing to pour out, but the feeling of needing to polish, research, and quote things from other sources to back up my ideas is STRONG. This has resulted in me having almost 8 posts halfway written all summer long! This will not do!

You see, God spoke to me a few years ago and he told me very blatantly and clearly that I was supposed to use my gifts and talents to lift up women. To give them hope. To share with them my struggles so they wouldn’t feel alone. To share HOPE and BELIEF with the women in my influence. To make HIM known, and to show how drastically he has influenced my life for the better.

My prayer is that you will continue to follow along as I share small, heartfelt posts with you. I feel so blessed to have this calling on my life to share a little bit of hope and belief with you!



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