Truths About Motherhood I Know Today

1/ I have been a mother for 13 years and everyday I still question if I know what on earth I am doing.

2/ Some days I am AFRAID of mealtime. Literally fear overcomes me because a few years ago I sort of had it figured out how to feed my family in a healthy way and have enough food to make everyone happy. Right now I feel like I don’t most nights. Most nights 2 out of 3 eat nothing. Literally nothing. They go to bed hungry because they would rather do that then say eat a Cobb salad or even teriyaki chicken.

3/ Everyday of motherhood is you being thrown a curve ball. One day it will be the fact that they sneak over and eat cat food when you aren’t looking. The next day it could be them sticking a piece from a kinder joy toy up their nose. YOU JUST NEVER KNOW.

4/ The smells. Where do they come from? Why are they so bad? This is why I light candles.

5/ If you do not have a stockpile of some sort of paper good you are playing serious Russian roulette. Say toilet paper, my friend Dana once said, “At any moment you are one stomach flu away from a natural disaster so I run to the store immediately anytime we have less than 10 rolls.” Or it could be paper plates and you could wonder, “do we have enough clean plates to feed everyone?”

6/ Showering and going to the bathroom alone is a LUXURY. Only we understand this.

7/ When it comes to style we are stuck somewhere between the mom bun, the mom jean, and is this clean?

8/ We are constantly interrupted. I have been trying to finish a pod cast I started two weeks ago. I tried 3 times today and am still only 19 minutes in. We are interrupted while we eat, sleep, talk, and read.

9/ We are almost always either tired or worn out. Most days I feel like I have been on a 3 day binger and all I have actually been doing is being a wife and mom, sleeping, and trying to stay caffeinated and hydrated.

10/ Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts we could ever receive.

2 responses to “Truths About Motherhood I Know Today”

  1. Sarah, I always enjoy hour posts, but I especially enjoyed this one.

    My biggest paper good stash is paper plates, followed by TP. We have 4 bathrooms…keeping them stocked with TP and hand soap is a huge chore. (Okay, now this sounds like a tiny first world problem)…I literally keep 5 soap refills in a cabinet we call the “soap store” so the kids can replace them easily as needed. But then I eventually have to refill bottles to restock the soap store…I dread that for some reason.

    1. I love it!! The “soap store.” I think that families of 5+ are basically a full time job just keeping supplies and food stocked. Ha!

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