Along the way

Today I was reading back through many old blog posts, many old memories of the growth that has happened in my life over the past five years. Along the way I have grown so much.

I am reminded of all the change that has happened in our lives. We have changed churches twice, had a baby, got a cat (that’s not a big life change…but so much has changed you all!). When I started this little blog I was a full time working mom who literally had no idea what the heck I was doing with my life. Mostly that is because I was trying (literally) to do it all! I was working full time, I was leading a bible study, I was trying to figure out marriage, motherhood, I was doing Arbonne as a full time side hustle, and then I started this blog. To say I was busy was an understatement. Reading that list makes me tired. Ha!

Along the way I have learned so much! I have done so many amazing things over the past five years that I am proud of. I have grown and changed for the better in deep, meaningful ways. You also might have noticed, but my grammar and sentence structure has improved (another joke, but seriously it has!), I have learned to be a better friend who cultivates meaningful relationships, I have become a mother who better understands myself and my roles that I hold in our home, I have become a better wife to my sweet husband (who loves me better than I deserve), and best of all my relationship with God has blossomed.

I can honestly say that the last five years have been years of study, learning, pruning, and cultivating. God has been working me EXACTLY like a piece of clay. He isn’t done yet. Oh, we are a work in progress until we get to heaven! But, I have found great comfort in remembering and appreciating all that I have learned.

A recent lesson that has been important for me is to stay in my lane. I know God has given me this lesson a few times but in this season it has really been about being focused and knowing my strengths.

In the coming season, you will be hearing A LOT more from me. God intended for me to use this space to minister to moms and women who needed encouraging, he wants me to use my “gifts” for that. God blessed me with Finley Market this year as most of you know and he wants me to focus my “work” on that. God has really blessed my family with community in our new church this year. I have been able to connect with our new church family and experience togetherness in ways I have been longing for, for years! God has asked me to abide in that. Motherhood this year has looked so different for me, and because of all of the things I just listed, God has taught me so much about how specifically he wants me to be present in motherhood. He has given me work, gifts, and community so that he can bless me in motherhood and as a wife.

I also am shifting the focus here a little bit to ensure that I am keeping the focus on God. You might have noticed the change from “believe in you manifesto” to “believe manifesto” this was very intentional. When I started I knew I wanted to encourage my readers to believe in themselves. It was a need I saw and was trying to meet, but what I was forgetting was that when you put the focus on God, all your needs will be met. You see, when God is at the center we can see abundance and growth. Because I want to grow, help you grow, and see your faith grow, I know God has to be at the center. In John 15 it says, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

In this season I am choosing to intentionally abide in him and do the work he has set out for me. I hope you will join me!


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