The Calling Bigger Than Yourself


This week God has been freeing my mind for a place of rest within him. And I was blessed enough for Derick to tell me, “Take Friday off and just do what you need to do.” I almost started writing a post this morning, but for some reason I held back. Now I know it’s because God laid these words on my heart this afternoon after some rest and quiet time. Isn’t it wonderful how he always knows what we need?

Today are we believing the truth that God has laid a calling on our lives that is bigger than ourselves? You see, for years I have heard from people and believed the lie that I should live small. That I can just do the daily do and not worry about the rest. But, are we believing the calling that all of us have been given from God to “go forth and make disciples of all nations?” At the very least, this is a calling that we all have for our lives that is bigger than ourselves!

Today are we believing that our story as followers of Christ are interwoven with God’s story? I believe that God makes us each unique for a very specific purpose, this is our calling. Sometimes it takes time for us to figure out what that purpose is, or what we are supposed to do with it. But we have to believe and abide in that purpose. We have to be ready to receive any instruction at any moment for that calling! Often we think that the work we can do is sufficient or that what we can accomplish towards the purpose he has laid on our lives is all that needs to be done.

Friends, today I am here to remind you of the truth that: our calling is laid out on our lives because he wants to use us as a vehicle to accomplish that purpose. He is in the drivers seat. We are his hands and feet. The work he can do and accomplish through us is infinite compared to what we could do on our own.

Today I ask that you take time to pause, reflect, open up, and be ready to receive the work that God is trying to do through you. When we are worn out, stressed out, and too busy—we miss the blessing and the calling that is our entire purpose! Whether or not we are participating, our race is set before us. I think we all need to get on the race track, with our running shoes tied on, fueled and ready to go. The truth is that there are MILLIONS of people out there in this world waiting for you to come along and change their life in the way that God intended you to. Only you can do that. Not me, not your neighbor—you.

Today I want to remind you of the reason you live and breathe. Let God take the drivers seat and do this work through you.



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