What is the point?

Time is short. Life is but a vapor. Are we living like it?

In 2013 God whispered to me, “Seek me.” I had never had the Holy Spirit move like that in my whole life. My life was a MESS. I found myself in a terrible situation that I desperately wanted out of. I was desperate. I didn’t know what else to do or who else to turn to besides God. He was really the only option.

I started to seek and find him in the strangest places. On my morning commute, I would turn the radio to a specific station so I could hear a man named Bob Cassidy share a snippet about Jesus. Later, I tracked him down on the internet and started following along with a bible reading plan his church did called pray, study, grow.  This short study convicted me in ways I can’t even fully describe. I started soaking up those like it was air. Then, I felt like I needed more. I had to seek him MORE.

One day, a friend shared an online bible study resource and I stumbled upon a specific bible study centered around the book, Anything by Jennie Allen.

Friends, God spoke to me through this book and this study. Jennie was the hands and feet, but God was at the spearhead. This book changed my life. God changed me through this study and the book. I am eternally grateful that Jennie decided to pray a prayer and surrender her life to God in huge ways, then write a book sharing how we can do the same.

After reading this book, I was a changed individual. I couldn’t go back. God was molding me like clay. Some of the changes were slow, some were immediate. I’m still changing because of things I have learned about God through this book.

The biggest change in me, was my perspective. And that is what I wanted to share with you today. What is the point? Why am I here? Why are you here? Why are we living, walking, and breathing on this earth?

Those are all great questions and I actually have really clear direct answers for you because they are answered in the Word of God. When I was able to answer those questions for my own life, everything changed. I know the same can happen for you.

The point is we are here to Glorify God.

Why we are here is to know him and make him known.

Why you are here is because God made you for a specific purpose to Glorify him and to bring people to his kingdom.

You all, I cannot stress enough how time is flying by. Tomorrow you will wake up and it will probably be fall and you will realize that you haven’t done anything that was directly focused on the three things I listed above. We are wasting time if we are not focused on these three things. These things are the point. This is really all that matters. Anything else…doesn’t really matter. We have to use our short time here that we have been blessed with—and make it count. Use ourselves to Glorify God, to make him known, and to live out our purpose.

I know, that was super direct. I know, there are poor starving people out there to help. How can I say these things don’t matter? Here is why. When we spend so much time focused on the things that aren’t our purpose, we are wasting time and energy. God created people to meet EVERY SINGLE NEED. We need to live out OUR purpose so that we can help people find their gifts, talents, and purpose. So that they can find God and then go out and help others find him. It is a domino effect. If we don’t live out our purpose, other people who are waiting on us, can’t live out theirs. Stay laser beamed focused on what your purpose is. If you don’t know what it is, ask a trusted friend to pray with you and then go read the book Restless by Jennie Allen and it will help you find what it is. Your purpose is part of the Kingdom story. Your pages are waiting to be written. Don’t wait. Start now, begin your chapter. 



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