Your Presence

A friend of mine said this week, “Your presence alone, is a gift.” That really resonated with me because I have been thinking about ways I can share my belief with others, to help them better believe in themselves. Here are some of the revelations I had during my thinking time.

There is purpose in your presence here. You wouldn’t be living and breathing if you didn’t have something specific you were made for. It is something hard to describe: a thing, a gift, a purpose, a calling maybe. That thing is why you are living and breathing. You were giving that purpose as something bigger than yourself. That purpose it intended to do great, wonderful, abundant things that will bless other people. When we are using that purpose, our life is filled with joy, abundance, peace, and fulfillment. This is where your gifts and talents weave together with suffering and experience to equal a life giving water for someone else. But without knowing what the purpose is, people don’t get the full benefit of your presence.

The key is that we have to find out what it is. I’m typically not an action step type of person, but I think sometimes if I am over here talking in broad terms, that isn’t helpful for how to apply this in your own life. So here are 3 action steps on how you can key into your purpose:

1/ Talk with God. This means reading your bible, praying, and being in community with a church or members of a church. Those people are the church. Often times we find answers to some really difficult questions in God’s word. When we follow that up with prayer and ask God for wisdom, we can get even more clarity.

2/ Gather a few trusted friends, not necessarily at the same time, and ask them what they think you are good at. Ask them what they see as your strengths and gifts. Write them down.

3/ Think about and write down times in your life when you felt alone, heartbroken, afraid, and defeated. Think about and write down times in your life when you felt the happiest, felt the most vibrant, and felt you had belonging.

Take all of the information from these three action steps and think about and talk about them. Journal, read, discuss with trusted friends. Pray. Things may come in pieces or they may come all at once. Once you know your purpose, thing, or gift…you will think you were blind to not see it before. It will feel obvious! This often takes time, months, possibly years. Do not be discouraged. But take the time to dig into this and your presence will be a blessing to everyone you meet.



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