Cold Lasagna

To the moms and dads eating cold lasagna,

Because after reheating it for the fourth time, you are afraid it will start to taste more like a piece of beef jerky. Because you are so hungry, you would rather just eat it cold. Because you know the baby might wake up any minute and this is your only chance to eat. Because you got the kids down and you and your spouse are finally getting some quality time and a second helping sounded pretty good.

We drink the cold coffee, eat the cold eggs, drink the melted smoothie, drink the watered-down tea, warm up the cold soup…all because there are little ones around us who’s needs come before ours. Their tiny bodies need a snack right NOW even though dinner is in 15 minutes. Their tiny bodies have to potty RIGHT THIS SECOND because they cannot hold it. They need their blanky and they have no idea where they left it (in plain sight.) They need bear because they cannot fall asleep without him.

We stay home from work or put off the work needing done at home to wipe the runny noses, rub them down with vapor rub, take the temperatures, rock them to sleep, walk them to sleep, read them a story, or watch their favorite show 10 dozen times because they are sick and you are who they need.

We drive 45 miles round trip just for one day’s activities because one child has to be at the YMCA for basketball, but the other has to be at school for choir, and you have to meet the bus to pick up the other from swim meet at 10 pm. The next day you have to be up and have them ready and out the door for early practice at 6:30 am.

This week I have been thinking about the ways in which we show our kids how much they mean to us, by changing schedules, meal times, bed times, appointments, conference calls, and alone time so that we make sure they have the best. I know first-hand that it seems like there isn’t one day of the week that there isn’t an activity. It feels like the forms and drop offs will never end. I don’t really know how everyone gets fed sometimes except carrot sticks for dinner.

Some day we will look back and know it was all worth it. For the memories, the scar they got from taking a bat to the face, the times you laugh because sports often lead to the funniest memories, the friendships they made that will last a lifetime, the lessons they will learn that they will pass on to their kids someday.

These days are hard, sleep deprived, and sometimes seem never ending. Make sure to make time for you, to get a break when you need one, to refill your cup, carve out alone time with your spouse, and don’t get burned out.

I know these days wont last, so for now, I’ll keep eating the cold lasagna.


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