Friday Collection: Kitchen

Fridays are for fun, did you know that?!

I wanted something fun to share with you on Friday, but I also wanted to bring you something useful. So I came up with Friday Collection because I think that is a broad term that can transcend a lot of different categories. If you didn’t already know this about me…I am a product junky, sleuth, expert…basically if it’s a product and it’s great, chances are I can tell you about it! (Please note, I am not being paid to share any of these products. These are not ads. I am sharing products I love to hopefully bring joy to your household.)

I am always looking for more useful things to add to my kitchen arsenal because I love to cook and because cooking has been such a huge part of my wellness journey, I thought we would start there. One of the items I wanted to share was sold out…shocker, so I will share the link at the very bottom in case it comes back in stock or it leads you to something else you love! So here is the Friday Collection of kitchen goods I think would bring joy to your mealtime.

The Spice Grinder: This cast iron, hand held spice grinder from Frieling is so great. It’s cast iron so that means its not going to break anytime soon, but it’s also hand held which means its easy to use and doesn’t have to be plugged in! Plus, it’s small enough to fit into a drawer. spice grinder



Dans le sac: This isn’t just one product. This is a collection of CLOTH reusable bags. They have lunch sacs, produce sacs, bread sacs and much more! (french spelling) Before there were plastic bags, there were cloth bags—that we could wash and only throw away when they were completely worn out. I think we need to get back here. One of my personal goals for 2019 was to waste less, and these bags are a part of that goal.

le sac bag



The Bag Clip: If my sister is reading this she just rolled her eyes. No one is going to pay $24 for 3 bag clips Sarah! Well, you don’t know that. I certainly would if it is hand made and won’t break or fall apart, or be crappy! This is THE bag clip from Vivi et Margot because it is all of those things but because it’s made of wood, this is a clip you will have long after the babies are grown. Plus, isn’t it pretty?




Paperless Towels: The other day I bumped into my friend at Target and I told her that we were out of paper towels and all heck was about to break lose because my family didn’t know how they were going to survive! We laughed and she said she didn’t get it, her brother was the same way. Her and I both agree an actual towel is so much better for most of the things we use paper towels for. And then you can wash them, and reuse them. I like the idea of this neat folded stack from Polders Old World Market sitting where my paper towel holder currently is. This is another one of the items on my waste less list!

paperless towels


Dutch Oven: If you love to cook, a dutch oven is a must have…but the price usually isn’t for everyone. I find that kind of sad, so when I stumbled upon this very useful dutch oven from Dansk that has a lid that can also be used as a trivet…I knew this was a must have!

dutch oven



The Classic Wood Spoon: You do not have to pay a lot to get a really good quality wood spoon that is hand made. I love these Endle spoons because they are made right here in the midwest by hand and they even sell wood butter to keep your wooden utensils in good shape!

wood spoon.png



Recycled glass drinkware


I hope at least one of these items can bring good use to you and your home. Happy Friday friends!


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