Friday Collection: Holiday Cheer that Lasts

How many times have you been lured in by the Hobby Lobby 40% off Christmas selection in November and you buy a bunch of lovely things…then come December 31st you are so sick of it all you can’t wait to take it down? Once upon a time, people cut down a tree and decorated it with popcorn and cranberries on a string. They would light candles and place them in the window. They would pull out the heavier blankets and gather around the fire.

Todays Friday collection is an ode to that simplicity. There are some amazing people who I think do this well in present day as well. You can check out their style here and here. Instead of decorating for a holiday, they decorate for the season. I love this!

Texture. Some people say that the perfect way to make your home cozier is to add texture. I really had to figure out what this was from Myquillyn, you basically just add elements to your home that are going to add depth, pattern, or texture. Here are a few I have my eye on.

Wool Throw: I have a very similar throw to this one I bought at Target years ago! But I love that this one is made in the USA, comes in four colors so it will go with any decor style, and it’s wool which means it will be so warm and cozy! (Note: this is not machine washable)



Wooden Beads: These beads can be used on your tree, or you could lay them on your coffee table, or hang them from your mantle!


Warmth. This can be lighting the fireplace or lighting a candle. But ambient lighting is key here. I think a lot of people got in the habit of having candles for decor, but never lighting them! I challenge you to light the candles and enjoy them!

Candles: I have had my eye on a few new candles lately for winter. The first one is an ode to my love of coffee! It’s from a tiny little candle store in Palestine, Ohio called 1820 Co.



This one is a wintery scent of Frasier fir. I love the simple beauty of these ceramic vessels. These are from Light Well Co.



Greenery: As the leaves start to fall and the grass turns brown I try to bring some greenery inside because I know we will be living indoors for the coming months. I didn’t realize how much joy this could bring until I actually tried it. One of the cheapest ways to make this happen is to go buy some paper white bulbs (you can usually get them for around a dollar) and start them in a jar with rocks in the bottom. This will be the best dollar you ever spent! Here are some other ways to add greenery that will last a little longer.

Olive Trees: These have been on my wish list for a while and I think they are so beautiful. If you are a Texas local you can go grab one at Thompson Hanson in Houston or Austin. If not, you can order them from Magnolia.



Art. Art is a great way to freshen up a space for a season. I chose some pieces that technically you could leave up year round, but they do look a little cheery to me for winter.

Conifer Study: This adorable wall hanging reminds me of a hanging calendar that always used to hang in my moms kitchen. It brings in some color and almost the feel of plants and I love that you can roll it up and store away for next year.



Lindsay Letters Prints: I love these modern and classy art prints that have quotes from my favorite Holiday movies! They are so much fun and so pretty that often times it takes people a second to realize how snarky some of them are.



I hope this season you are able to find some holiday cheer that will last the season and you will actually be sad when you take it down! Happy Friday Friends!



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