The Truth That’s Missing

Lately, I feel like a theme has been creeping up on me. Something sort of like a narrative or idea that is being passed around. And this idea has a feeling. I’m going to do my best at describing this feeling, but here is the worst part. It’s vague, misty, and unclear. But here is what I can tell you for sure about this idea, it’s unnecessary, untrue, and it’s toxic.

The idea is this: you have no purpose. The feelings that come along with it are empty, lost, hopeless, and powerless. It’s all negative and it’s all lies. So I won’t waste any time talking about those lies, I just want to share the truth that is missing today.

You have purpose! You are not here by accident. You were made on purpose and there is only one you! Have you ever thought about the fact that God gave each of us (even identical twins) unique finger prints? No two are the same! You were thoughtfully created and you have unique gifts, talents, and value to bring to this world.

Recently, I was reading a book by Marie Forleo called, Everything is Figureoutable and she says this, “You were born with an innate power to create change, both in your life and the lives of others. There are countless people out there who need the gifts that you and you alone are here to give. If you don’t do the things you are supposed to do…the world will have lost something truly irreplaceable…you.”

Friend, I don’t know what life has been throwing at you or what burdens you are carrying. But I know this, part of why things might feel heavy right now is because you are not believing this truth! You were designed for a specific reason and you are on this earth for a purpose! That purpose isn’t just for you, it is for others. There might be someone who is waiting on you to start using what’s inside of you! Stop doubting your worth, start doing and creating the things that you are most passionate about. That passion isn’t there by accident, it is there because it is directly related to your gifts, talents, and purpose. We are all missing out and honestly I’m a little fed up. I see you, I see your greatness, and I believe that you were created to be a force for good in this world!

Let’s start living like it. And while we are at it, let’s start pointing out what other people are good at! Have a friend who is an amazing cook? Speak that truth over them and encourage them to use that gift to help someone. Have a friend who is an amazing communicator? Ask them if they can host a local workshop to teach others how to better communicate. Have a child who you see has a natural gift that is blaringly obvious to you but maybe they haven’t accepted? Speak that truth over them and help them hone that gift. The world will be a better place because you encouraged them to use that gift for others!

Lastly, there is NO POINT in low hopes. I am worn out from seeing people walking around with no hope, joy, or passion left. And I think the problem is that we aren’t speaking this truth over each other. It is MISSING. And everyone is suffering because of that. So my challenge to you today friends is this, find one person every day to speak truth into their gifts. I believe that this is going to create a tsunami of goodness and joy that will be felt for years to come.

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