Summer is Here!

I realize I have been fairly quiet over here and I apologize for that but I have learned that I have to set boundaries and whenever I can share things with you I do, and when I can’t—I don’t.

I am excited about summer being (almost) here because that means I have time to share things with you!

This is a photo from our adventures last Summer in Scituate, Massachusetts.

First, let me share an update on our life and what’s been going on. I finished up my third semester back at Missouri State this Spring, and am slowly ticking away at my bachelor’s degree in English Literature. I also started a business this month! So that has been a huge step for our family and for me, because it is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. You can read more about that here. You can also visit my online store directly from my blog by clicking on Finley Market.

The big kids are done with school (praise the Lord!) and Coen had a great time this Spring at his new sitter’s house. She is a friend of a friend who recently started staying home with her babies, and I am so blessed that she is able to watch my baby a few days a week!

Derick has been doing his normal Men in Trees stuff and will be heading to New Hampshire for two long work trips this summer. He leaves for the first one in a few weeks and I’m sure there will be lots of comedy I have to share with you on our adventures while he is gone.

Now that you are caught up on what we have been up to, I wanted to share some plans I have for the blog this summer! I am so excited about getting more serious (consistent) with writing and sharing things with you all! I created a bulleted list because we all know I can get wordy.

1/ Every Monday I will be sharing my normal type of content. Motherhood, faith, life, cooking, and all my normal shenanigans.

2/ Every Wednesday I will be doing some new content where I share fun things like my summer book reading list and new recipes, food resources, and cookbooks I have been using but haven’t shared with you yet. Best of all I will be sharing Summer Love. This will include things like where can you go for a weekend getaway, what are free/almost free fun things to do with friends and family, and my favorite products that we use (that aren’t in my store yet)! I am really excited about Wednesdays…it’s basically all the lifestyle things I have tried to share on social media, but maybe you want more information or you don’t realize I am trying to tell you to GO DO/TRY/VISIT THIS THING. I’m a work in progress obviously.

3/ Every Friday I will be having a guest blogger here to share with you things that maybe aren’t in my wheelhouse, or maybe they have gifts where I struggle and I want to know all the things they have to share, but also share them with you. This is a way for me to also share with you some of the people who I love and admire!

I hope your Summer is off to a great start and you will join me here as I share a broader picture of our life with you!


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